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We are offering many types of services to our customers which are being used in their businesses and helping them to increase the productivity of their business with the help of our Artificial Intelligence enabled applications.

Our service offerings are CRM Software, Payroll System, Billing Management Software, Vendor Management Software, Stock management Software, Business Email Hosting, Website Designing and Website Hosting. Which can be signed up directly from our product website

CRM Software: we are offering our CRM services under the name of GreenCRM24, Green CRM is available in the form of Sales CRM, Payroll Management, Billing Management, Vendor Management and Stock Management and SEO tool. GreenCRM comes with unique feature of video calling, Group Chat and Screen Sharing options between the users. apart from these features GreenCRM having many unique features which are making our services unique then others.

Website Designing: Website designing services which helps the customers to take their business online, we are offering Static, Dynamic and CMS type of websites which can be bought directly by talking to our sales representative or submitting the requirement online on our website.

Business Email Hosting: its well known that every business needs the business email ids to communicate their customers, so in order to fulfil the requirement we are offering the business email hosting solution, which helps them to communicate with their customers in more secure and convenientmanner.

Website Hosting: As we are into website designing services, we are offering its related services too like domain booking, website hosting and SSL its well known if you have developed a website then you need to buy a domain and hosting to host your websites. To fulfil this requirement, we have many hosting plans depending on the customer’s needs, we also offerone-year free SSL if website was developed by us.

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